Competitive Keyword Advertising Reaches the Legal Field

Whether you love them or hate them, lawyer referral services are showing a newfound interest in online marketing. Earlier this year, they broke Google’s algorithm for its local SEO box, forcing the search engine to tweak its system. Now, they’re engaging in some good old fashioned competitive keyword marketing. Prominent Texas Lawyer Sues Referral Service Read more about Competitive Keyword Advertising Reaches the Legal Field[…]

Half of Google Searches Do Not End With a Click

Half of Google Searches Don’t Lead to a Click

A new study has suggested that just about half of all searches on Google do not end with a click through to a website in the results page. While this may startle some lawyers who have been told that it’s critically important to rank well in targeted search engine results pages (SERPs) by, for example, Read more about Half of Google Searches Don’t Lead to a Click[…]

How to target specific search engines for legal marketing efforts

How Do You Target a Specific Search Engine for Legal Marketing?

There have been a couple of old blog posts that we’ve published that deal with the differences between search engines. In some of those posts, we’ve drawn out those differences and nuances for the purpose of showing why some law firms could benefit more from marketing on one search engines, rather than another (and, of Read more about How Do You Target a Specific Search Engine for Legal Marketing?[…]

Bing has an older audience that lives in Florida

Rely on Older Clientele for Your Firm? Consider Marketing on Bing

In the past, we’ve reminded attorneys that they shouldn’t neglect Bing in their online marketing efforts. While Google remains the dominant search engine in America, Bing still processes millions of searches, every day. Perhaps more importantly, though, Bing is used by a certain demographics that you might want to target with your marketing material. The Read more about Rely on Older Clientele for Your Firm? Consider Marketing on Bing[…]

Click through rate by rank in results page

Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics

Long ago, we talked about why it matters where you rank in the search results. Simply put, when someone throws a query into a search engine and hits enter, they are far more likely to click on the pages that appear near the top than they are to click on the ones at the bottom. Read more about Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics[…]

Branded searches get the warmest leads in online legal marketing

Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches

When you set out to market your law firm to potential clients who use search engines, there are a nearly infinite number of keywords and phrases that you can target. The ones that you aim for should be at the center of the content that you write in your legal blog. Among these targeted keywords Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches[…]

Trademarks and competitive keyword ads square off in new Google lawsuit

Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks

This is the second installment in a legal blog series about a lawsuit against Google over competitive keyword marketing. The first installment provided the background information, covering keywords, competitive keyword advertising, and the facts of the case. Here, we discuss the implications of the lawsuit between Edible Arrangements and Google, the likely outcome, and how Read more about Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks[…]

Edible Arrangements sues Google over the SEO technique of competitive keyword advertising

Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google

This is the first installment of a legal blog series dealing with an ongoing lawsuit focused on competitive keyword marketing. The second and final installment, which predicts the outcome of the lawsuit and the possible implications, can be found here. Well over a year ago, we described a state split in the online legal marketing Read more about Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google[…]

Legal Ethics and Competitive Keyword Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about being at the top of the organic results of a targeted search engine query. However, instead of struggling to get to the top of the organic results, you can skip the line by coughing up the money to buy a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement, instead. Doing so labels your Read more about Legal Ethics and Competitive Keyword Marketing[…]

A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney

Over the past couple of months on our blog, we’ve been focusing a little bit on less credible search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, like link buying, and especially on the Google penalties that can come from using them. However, without a specific example to help understand how the process of going from black hat SEO Read more about A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney[…]

Gavel and legal brief

Conversion Rates and PPC Ads

One of the most important pieces of information surrounding your website that can be tracked using analytics is your conversion rate. Generally, your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of your site’s visitors that end up “converting” into paying customers. In this way, your site’s conversion rate is basically how successful your law firm’s site Read more about Conversion Rates and PPC Ads[…]