Mobile-Friendliness: Why You Shouldn’t Go Overboard

In our last blog post, we went over why your law firm needs a mobile-friendly website. However, while it is important to make an effort to make your firm’s site accessible on a mobile phone, it probably isn’t that important. Why You Need to Make Your Firm’s Site Mobile-Friendly Your law firm’s site does need Read more about Mobile-Friendliness: Why You Shouldn’t Go Overboard[…]

Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website

You don’t have to be an online marketing expert to see that more and more people are searching the web on their smartphones than ever before. Just stand at a crosswalk, or in line at your favorite take-out place. However, webpages don’t look the same on your phone as they do on your laptop. In Read more about Why You Need a Mobile-Friendly Website[…]

Attorney Marketing 101: Local SEO

If there’s one thing to understand about the practice of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s that it’s all about appeasing the search engine gods. Of course, knowing what they want is half of the battle. While the particulars of what they want can change drastically and without notice, the overarching theme of their wishes and Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Local SEO[…]

Content Management Systems

Browsing websites online and creating them are two entirely different experiences. One is so easy that, usually, your grandmother can do it. The other often requires a professional, especially if you want to make it look a particular way. Creating a website has numerous elements to it that you don’t have to deal with when Read more about Content Management Systems[…]

The Evolution of SEO, and Legal Blogging

The profession of search engine optimization (SEO) is completely unlike the legal profession in how quickly it changes. While the legal field relies on stare decisis and upholding the expectations of the parties, internet marketing changes repeatedly and relentlessly as search engines evolve and marketers struggle to keep up. Because of this constant arms race Read more about The Evolution of SEO, and Legal Blogging[…]