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Conversion Rates and PPC Ads

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One of the most important pieces of information surrounding your website that can be tracked using analytics is your conversion rate. Generally, your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of your site’s visitors that end up “converting” into paying customers. In this way, your site’s conversion rate is basically how successful your law firm’s site is at turning traffic into clients. However, the term can also be used to state the percentage of visitors who take any specified action, whether it be sign up for a newsletter, take a poll, or simply interact with the site.

Pay-Per-Click Conversion Rates

When it comes to pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements in Google’s AdWords program – the sponsored results that show up at the top, bottom, and in the sidebar of the search results – a helpful piece of information to know is how often people who click on the ad end up becoming a client at your firm. This is a specific form of conversion rate – the percentage of people who enter your site through a paid advertisement, and end up converting into a paying customer.

Study Investigates Conversion Rate of Huge Swath of PPC Ads

The website SearchEngineWatch recently conducted a study of PPC advertisements in Google’s AdWords program from more than 2,000 client accounts. In all, the study encapsulated over $34 million in spending on PPC advertisements. The goal was to establish an accurate conversion rate for PPC ads across a variety of fields, including the legal field. While the study included both Google’s Search network – the ads in search engine results pages – and Google’s Display network – the ads that appear in Google sites like Gmail and YouTube – only the findings concerning the Search are important, here.

PPC Conversion Rate in the Legal Field is Under 5%

The study found that different industries had different average conversion rates, and that the range between the highest and lowest conversion rates was significant.

The finance and insurance industry had the highest average PPC conversion rate – 7.19% – significantly outpacing the runner up, consumer services, which came in with an average conversion rate of 5.00%. The least effective industry for PPCs turned out to be e-commerce, which only had an average conversion rate of 1.91%, likely because of how obvious it is that they are advertisements.

The legal field’s conversion rates for PPC ads in the search results pages came in fifth, with a 4.35% success rate.

The Conversion Rate is Important to Remember for PPCs

It’s important to think of this conversion rate when it comes to PPC ads. As their name suggests, you pay for them per click. But if only an average of 4.35% of clicks turn into paying customers, is this an investment that you want to make for your law firm’s online marketing?

Myers Freelance Specializes in Organic Results

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