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Attorney Marketing 101: Keyword Stuffing

Black hat search engine optimization (SEO) is exciting. In the heat of the moment, when the less-than-reputable tactic still works, there’s always a flurry of activity as search engine marketers try to figure out how best to use it, without being caught. When they do get caught, there’s the frantic struggle to minimize the impact Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Keyword Stuffing[…]

We Called It: Google Ignores Top Level Domains

Just like in the legal field, there are so many factors and uncertainties that go into “winning” and “losing” in online marketing that definitive victories are often difficult to find. This is largely because, while a civil lawsuit proceeds through the court based on rules clearly stated in the Rules of Civil Procedure, an online Read more about We Called It: Google Ignores Top Level Domains[…]

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How to Score SEO Points With Pictures

The differences between people and machines might be becoming smaller and smaller, thanks to artificial intelligence, but there is one difference that remains that’s important for search engine optimization (SEO): Computers still can’t “see” images. As a human being, here’s what you see: A computer, however, only sees this: <img src=”×334.jpg” alt=”Panorama of wooded and Read more about How to Score SEO Points With Pictures[…]

Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment

We’ve already covered the difference between black and white hat search engine optimization (SEO) in this blog. However, there is a new trend of top level domains for the legal field (.attorney or .law) that makes it worth exploring, again. In order to show why these top level domains aren’t all they’re cracked up to Read more about Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment[…]