Attorney Marketing 101: Long Tail Searches

When someone gets on their computer or phone and brings up Google to do a search, what they put into the search box will have a certain level of specificity. If they’re looking to buy a car, for example, they could either make a vague search, like “car,” or a very pointed search, like “Saturn Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Long Tail Searches[…]

Who Reads Online Reviews?

If your law firm keeps an online presence, or is planning on becoming more active on the internet, then maintaining online reviews is an absolute must. Just like Amazon allows its users to review products from night lights to books, sites like Facebook, Yelp, and Google allow people to praise or damn local businesses online. Read more about Who Reads Online Reviews?[…]

Which Demographics Use the Internet the Most?

At its most basic level, marketing is all about letting people know about what you do, so they’ll pay for it. You can maximize the results of your marketing efforts by only reaching out to the people who are interested in what you’re offering, and then tailoring your message to convince them to buy it. Read more about Which Demographics Use the Internet the Most?[…]

SR-22 Insurance after DUI convictions

Blog Sample – DUI Defense Attorney: Insurance

What does a professional legal blog look like? While we cover criminal defense, divorce, immigration, and personal injury elsewhere in this blog, here’s an example of an evergreen blog post for a hypothetical DUI defense attorney based in rural Vermont, who targets lower income clients. The post discusses a commonly overlooked aspect of a DUI Read more about Blog Sample – DUI Defense Attorney: Insurance[…]

Topical v. Evergreen Blog Posts

When it comes to writing legal blogs, it can be helpful to break articles down into two categories: Topical and Evergreen. The distinction can help you see what you’re trying to do with the article, and can impact the writing style that you adopt in the article, itself. Each type of article has its own Read more about Topical v. Evergreen Blog Posts[…]

Legal Blogs Influence Corporate Clients

For some types of law firms, like those in the field of business litigation, corporate clients are likely your number one source of work. Getting hired as outside counsel to help on a particular legal problem is your business plan. Unfortunately, grabbing the attention of a company’s in-house counsel can be a herculean task. If Read more about Legal Blogs Influence Corporate Clients[…]

Algorithm Changes Can Hurt Your Website

In a recent blog post, we talked about how complex search engines could be. They scour the internet for the best websites for any given search, relying on mathematical models to determine which websites are relevant and important for each and every query. These mathematical models, called algorithms, have been developed and tweaked to make Read more about Algorithm Changes Can Hurt Your Website[…]

Market Share in the Search Engine Field

When people use the term “search engine,” they almost always mean the dominant player in the industry, Google. There’s a reason why the brand has become a verb: It established itself early as the best search engine on the market, and that reputation has been slow to erode. The search engine field is not, however, Read more about Market Share in the Search Engine Field[…]

Google Logo

Where You Rank in Search Results Matters – The Numbers

If you could boil the online marketing technique of search engine optimization (SEO) down to one essential goal, it would be to rank as highly as possible in organic search engine results. SEO is all about isolating specific searches that mean the most to you – like “criminal defense attorney in Boston,” or “Los Angeles Read more about Where You Rank in Search Results Matters – The Numbers[…]

Inbound Marketing Carousel

Attorney Marketing 101: Inbound v. Outbound Marketing

Unfortunately, not everyone can be an expert at everything. We all have to pick our niches, and then rely on others to do the rest. With that in mind, it’s kind of strange that lawyers are expected to not only provide top notch legal work for their clients, but also market their law firm so Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Inbound v. Outbound Marketing[…]

Search Engines are Complex Creatures

In two key ways, search engine optimization (SEO) and the law are very similar: Complexity, and uncertainty. Because of this unfortunate situation, getting a clear-cut, definitive answer in either field is often not possible. Here’s why this is the case, in the world of search engines. Search engines like Google or Bing have a difficult Read more about Search Engines are Complex Creatures[…]