Technical SEO changes as Google advises against links from homepage

Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home

Optimizing your law firm’s website for search engines is increasingly about hosting the kinds of content and information on it that potential clients are looking for. However, not all of SEO is about your content: You can appease or insult the Google gods with the technical performance of your website, as well. We’ve covered technical Read more about Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home[…]

Google's speed update changed very little in the SEO world

Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing

Recently, Google rolled out a new update to its algorithm that ranks websites in the results page. This new update purportedly added weight to the mobile upload speed of a webpage, threatening to bury slow websites in the rankings when a search is done on a mobile device. Online marketing experts, however, have seen very Read more about Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing[…]

Google upgrade incentivizes law firms to use speedy websites

Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade

Next month, Google has a few updates primed for rollout. One of them, the so-called Speed Update, is yet another indication that Google is pushing websites towards a more user-friendly experience in all metrics. Google’s Newest Speed-Related Update Google’s newest update to its algorithm will take the upload speed of websites into account whenever someone Read more about Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade[…]

Google Security HTTPS

Google Prepares to Take Action Against Insecure Websites

At Myers Freelance, we focus our attention on writing legal blogs. However, because one of the biggest reasons for maintaining a legal blog is to market your law firm online through search engine optimization (SEO), we keep our ears to the ground to listen for developments in the world of SEO, too. If we didn’t, Read more about Google Prepares to Take Action Against Insecure Websites[…]

permalinks are the permanent links to a page

Attorney Marketing 101: Permalink Structures

The process of optimizing your law firm’s website for search engines involves so many factors that you can think of it as a totality of the circumstances test. Some of these factors, like the quality of your content and your backlink portfolio, are crucially important to boost your site’s rankings. Other factors, like the alt Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Permalink Structures[…]

Content Management Systems

Browsing websites online and creating them are two entirely different experiences. One is so easy that, usually, your grandmother can do it. The other often requires a professional, especially if you want to make it look a particular way. Creating a website has numerous elements to it that you don’t have to deal with when Read more about Content Management Systems[…]

We Called It: Google Ignores Top Level Domains

Just like in the legal field, there are so many factors and uncertainties that go into “winning” and “losing” in online marketing that definitive victories are often difficult to find. This is largely because, while a civil lawsuit proceeds through the court based on rules clearly stated in the Rules of Civil Procedure, an online Read more about We Called It: Google Ignores Top Level Domains[…]

Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment

We’ve already covered the difference between black and white hat search engine optimization (SEO) in this blog. However, there is a new trend of top level domains for the legal field (.attorney or .law) that makes it worth exploring, again. In order to show why these top level domains aren’t all they’re cracked up to Read more about Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment[…]

Site Architecture

Technical SEO: Site Architecture

As we’ve been detailing in our past few blogs posts, search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about filling your webpage with quality content to improve your search rankings. There are numerous other ways to boost your online prominence by optimizing your site’s performance in search engine algorithms. Some of these methods have nothing to Read more about Technical SEO: Site Architecture[…]

Upload Speed Images

Technical SEO: Optimizing Images

In our last blog post, we went over the importance of the upload speed of your law firm’s website. Search engines like Google are businesses, too, and want to maximize their own users’ experience. One of the things that their users hate the most is a website that uploads slowly. In this knowledge, search engines Read more about Technical SEO: Optimizing Images[…]

Race car website upload speed

Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the profession of enhancing a webpage, so it works better in search results. Unfortunately, there is no one single way to do this. Even if there were some loophole in the system that was susceptible to some black hat SEO methods, the benefits to your website would only last as Read more about Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed[…]