Google upgrade incentivizes law firms to use speedy websites

Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade

Next month, Google has a few updates primed for rollout. One of them, the so-called Speed Update, is yet another indication that Google is pushing websites towards a more user-friendly experience in all metrics. Google’s Newest Speed-Related Update Google’s newest update to its algorithm will take the upload speed of websites into account whenever someone Read more about Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade[…]

Where to look for sources for legal blog material

5 Sources for Legal Blog Material

When you start writing your law firm’s legal blog, the first few posts are easy—you’ve been thinking for years about what you want to write, and there were probably a few topics of pressing concern that influenced your decision to start blogging, in the first place. However, once those posts are up and your well Read more about 5 Sources for Legal Blog Material[…]

39 percent of potential clients find lawyers online

More People Find Lawyers Online than Through Referrals

All of online legal marketing is based around one underlying assumption: People who are interested in hiring a lawyer use the internet to find one. While at one point this might have seemed like a novel idea—one that did not call for spending lots of money in pursuing—it has since become a stark reality. People Read more about More People Find Lawyers Online than Through Referrals[…]

Google image developments do not impact law firm SEO

Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings

Long ago, we discussed how you can use images to score points in SEO (search engine optimization). Since then, things have changed. However, just because the online marketing world has moved does not mean that it will impact your law firm, and we think that this is the case with the recent developments in image Read more about Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings[…]