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Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the profession of enhancing a webpage, so it works better in search results. Unfortunately, there is no one single way to do this. Even if there were some loophole in the system that was susceptible to some black hat SEO methods, the benefits to your website would only last as Read more about Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed[…]

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How Long Should a Legal Blog Post Be?

White is a powerful color. It’s a dilemma that many attorneys face. After deciding to start a blog for their law firm, after setting up the website and making it look how they want, and right after putting together the landing pages and the other core elements of a legal website, attorneys sit down to Read more about How Long Should a Legal Blog Post Be?[…]

Google Pirate Penalty

Copyrights and More Google Penalties

As the dominant force in the search engine market, Google holds lots of influence on what happens online. For better or for worse, Google has shown a willingness to use that influence for causes that might only tangentially be related to its business, and are more closely aligned with the public good. One of the Read more about Copyrights and More Google Penalties[…]

Politics and Legal Blogs

Handling Politics in Your Legal Blog

Even though November 8 is still 202 days away, the election cycle has already been in full swing for months. With such an important election hanging in the balance, the elongated election season might not come as a surprise, but for many who aren’t rabidly political, it’s an unpleasant one. And as one could expect Read more about Handling Politics in Your Legal Blog[…]

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Legal Blogging and Your Reputation

There are numerous reasons why you should host a legal blog on your website: They push you to keep up to date on the law in your area by making you research for new content on a consistent basis, They make you engage with your peers, both in your region and outside of it, by Read more about Legal Blogging and Your Reputation[…]

Google Panda Penalty

Google Panda Penalties, and How to Avoid Them

Even the most cursory look through search engine optimization (SEO) technicalities comes up with information on search engine penalties. Even the least bit of delving into these penalties will run you up against tons of information on one penalty in particular: Google Panda. Google Panda Google’s Panda penalty has been around since 2011, and has Read more about Google Panda Penalties, and How to Avoid Them[…]

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How to Use Social Media to Build Backlinks

There are a lot of elements to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines are incredibly complex and, to make matters worse, change constantly to maximize their users’ experience. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that optimizing your site’s performance in these search engines is complex and ever-changing, as well. In a recent blog post, we Read more about How to Use Social Media to Build Backlinks[…]

Public Domain License

Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog

When it comes to legal blogging, there are numerous pitfalls and minefields that attract the unwary and inexperienced. Stumbling into one of them can not only hurt your website’s online prominence, but can lead to financial and legal liability, as well. Perhaps nowhere is this more common than with copyright issues surrounding photos or images Read more about Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog[…]