Attorneys should keep calm about where mobile and local searches intersect

The Intersection of Local and Mobile Searches

We’ve dealt with the prevalence of mobile internet use in the past on our blog. Often, our posts deal with the most recent industry developments that scream about how the moment when mobile devices take over the internet is nigh. Typically, our response has been that law firms and lawyers intent on marketing their services Read more about The Intersection of Local and Mobile Searches[…]

Bing has an older audience that lives in Florida

Rely on Older Clientele for Your Firm? Consider Marketing on Bing

In the past, we’ve reminded attorneys that they shouldn’t neglect Bing in their online marketing efforts. While Google remains the dominant search engine in America, Bing still processes millions of searches, every day. Perhaps more importantly, though, Bing is used by a certain demographics that you might want to target with your marketing material. The Read more about Rely on Older Clientele for Your Firm? Consider Marketing on Bing[…]

Online reviews might impact local SEO ranking for law firms

Study Shows that Online Reviews Might Impact Local Rankings

Recent research has revealed that your law firm’s online reviews might have impact on your place in local search rankings. Local SEO: A Refresher Recall that search engines use data from each individual searcher to create a results page that are unique, adapting to satisfy a user’s intent as accurately as possible. In concrete English, Read more about Study Shows that Online Reviews Might Impact Local Rankings[…]

Where to look for sources for legal blog material

5 Sources for Legal Blog Material

When you start writing your law firm’s legal blog, the first few posts are easy—you’ve been thinking for years about what you want to write, and there were probably a few topics of pressing concern that influenced your decision to start blogging, in the first place. However, once those posts are up and your well Read more about 5 Sources for Legal Blog Material[…]

SEO impact of Google My Business posts

SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business

Google has been making efforts to let business owners—including law firm partners—easily advertise their business online. One of those efforts has been Google My Business, which allows verified owners (like a partner) of eligible businesses (like a law firm) quickly create a page that interested search engine users can interact with. Among the features that Read more about SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business[…]

Blog Sample – Personal Injury Attorney: Topical Car Accidents

If you’re a personal injury attorney, you might have found it difficult to find topics to write about in your legal blog. Not many cases make it to the appellate courts, so the law doesn’t change as much as, say, criminal defense. Additionally, talking about torts, compensatory damages, and things like underinsured motorist insurance just Read more about Blog Sample – Personal Injury Attorney: Topical Car Accidents[…]

Attorney Marketing 101: Local SEO

If there’s one thing to understand about the practice of search engine optimization (SEO), it’s that it’s all about appeasing the search engine gods. Of course, knowing what they want is half of the battle. While the particulars of what they want can change drastically and without notice, the overarching theme of their wishes and Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Local SEO[…]