monty python parrot keywords not dead

Keywords Are Not Dead

Many online marketers have been claiming for the past few months that keywords are no longer something that you need to pay attention to on the search engine optimization (SEO) front. According to them, keyword density – the word percentage of an article or blog post taken up by your targeted keywords – is no Read more about Keywords Are Not Dead[…]

Writing tips for legal blogging

4 Random Tips for Writing Legal Blogs

Writing legal blog posts, just like any kind of writing, is a skill. Just like any other skill, there are hundreds or even thousands of little “rules” or “guidelines” to keep in mind that can make you write better. Regardless of whether you want your blog to focus on showing off your legal chops or Read more about 4 Random Tips for Writing Legal Blogs[…]

landing pages different than this call to action

How Landing Pages and Calls to Action Are Similar

Two phrases that are constantly thrown around in online marketing circles are landing pages and a call to action. Understanding the differences between them can help you see how each one serves its own purpose in your law firm’s online marketing funnel. However, seeing how these two elements are similar can also help you develop Read more about How Landing Pages and Calls to Action Are Similar[…]

how to get started on twitter

Your Firm’s Twitter Game: The Early Stages

Having an online presence is quickly becoming a must for all law firms. Without it, you’re relying on traditional forms of advertising that you either can’t fully control, like word-of-mouth advertising, or that only target the audience you want by coincidence, like a TV commercial or roadside billboard. In addition to legal blogging, social media Read more about Your Firm’s Twitter Game: The Early Stages[…]

different audiences require different legal blog styles

Legal Blogging for Direct and Referral Audiences

If you’re exploring whether to market your legal firm online – or even if you’ve just made the decision to invest more into your online marketing efforts – one of the main questions you need to ask and answer is this: “Who are most of my firm’s clients?” Understanding where your current clients come from Read more about Legal Blogging for Direct and Referral Audiences[…]