Avvo’s Lawsuits Showcases the Importance of Your Own Website

There are numerous ways to advertise your law firm online. You don’t even need to have your own website to make efforts to reach potential clientele through the internet. However, as recently-filed lawsuits make clear, the benefits of having your own website – and the control that it gives you over your own image – Read more about Avvo’s Lawsuits Showcases the Importance of Your Own Website[…]

Anchor text

Attorney Marketing 101: Anchor Text

Elsewhere in our blog, we’ve covered the idea of backlinks and the importance of building a portfolio of them to your site. When a search engine sees a healthy grouping of links pointing to your site from the rest of the web, they think that it’s a strong indicator of your site’s value. However, not Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Anchor Text[…]

A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney

Over the past couple of months on our blog, we’ve been focusing a little bit on less credible search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, like link buying, and especially on the Google penalties that can come from using them. However, without a specific example to help understand how the process of going from black hat SEO Read more about A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney[…]

DUI Defense Sample Field Sobriety Test

Blog Sample – DUI Defense Attorney: Field Sobriety Tests

To add to our growing list of legal blog samples, here’s another one for DUI-defense attorneys, dealing with field sobriety tests. In most states, field sobriety tests are voluntary. Here’s an evergreen post that deals with this often unknown fact. Whenever a police officer suspects that you’re driving under the influence (DUI), they’ll pull you Read more about Blog Sample – DUI Defense Attorney: Field Sobriety Tests[…]

Site Architecture

Technical SEO: Site Architecture

As we’ve been detailing in our past few blogs posts, search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about filling your webpage with quality content to improve your search rankings. There are numerous other ways to boost your online prominence by optimizing your site’s performance in search engine algorithms. Some of these methods have nothing to Read more about Technical SEO: Site Architecture[…]

Upload Speed Images

Technical SEO: Optimizing Images

In our last blog post, we went over the importance of the upload speed of your law firm’s website. Search engines like Google are businesses, too, and want to maximize their own users’ experience. One of the things that their users hate the most is a website that uploads slowly. In this knowledge, search engines Read more about Technical SEO: Optimizing Images[…]