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Legal Blogging and Navigational Queries

In one of our blog posts from February, we laid out the 3 different kinds of search queries. These were: Navigational queries, which merely use search engines to find a specific site, Transactional queries, which use search engines to make and complete a transaction, whether that be to buy something, sign up for a newsletter, Read more about Legal Blogging and Navigational Queries[…]

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Attorney Marketing 101: Search Engine Penalties

Online marketing is an arms race between advertisers, who look for any means necessary to promote their clients’ websites, and search engines, who try to promote the more relevant and important sites for a given search query. As you might expect, conflicts between these two interests arise on a constant basis. The search engines, however, Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Search Engine Penalties[…]

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Backlink Basics

It’s a basic principle of search engine optimization (SEO) that bears repeating: Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing are in the business of finding you the most relevant and important websites for your search query. The trust that they build with every query returning satisfactory results leads to money down the road in the Read more about Backlink Basics[…]

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The Downfall of the Call to Action

To the many people who are not in the field of online content marketing, hearing “call to action” brings to mind epic scenes from war movies like Braveheart, where the good guys build their allies for a final stand against the forces of evil. There’s lots of yelling, promising, and dramatic music, culminating in the Read more about The Downfall of the Call to Action[…]

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Conversion Rates and PPC Ads

One of the most important pieces of information surrounding your website that can be tracked using analytics is your conversion rate. Generally, your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of your site’s visitors that end up “converting” into paying customers. In this way, your site’s conversion rate is basically how successful your law firm’s site Read more about Conversion Rates and PPC Ads[…]

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Google Warns Against Sponsored Content

Hawking products is not something that you’ll commonly consider doing on your law firm’s legal blog. Writing about products and things to buy in a blog tends to stay in the realm of lifestyle blogging. However, the use of technology in the law is increasing rapidly. There are numerous players and companies out there with Read more about Google Warns Against Sponsored Content[…]

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Attorney Marketing 101: Basics of Analytics

You’ve put together a website for your law firm. Now what? How well is it working? Are you getting the most out of it? What parts of your site are working well, and which ones aren’t? These are the kinds of questions that drive online marketing. Creating your website is only the first step in Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Basics of Analytics[…]

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Google Killed the Sidebar: What’s Happened Since?

In a recent blog post, we covered the news that Google had deleted sidebar ads. Now that it’s been a few weeks, search engine marketers and online advertisers are starting to see how the drastic move has impacted the online marketing field, including for law firms. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Gets More Expensive By eliminating the sidebar Read more about Google Killed the Sidebar: What’s Happened Since?[…]

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Legal Blogging and Informational Searches

In a recent blog post, we went over the 3 types of search queries that a potential client for your law firm can make on a search engine. These included: Navigational queries, Transactional queries, and Informational queries. Ranking well in each of these categories is crucial for your law firm’s online marketing success. For navigational Read more about Legal Blogging and Informational Searches[…]

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Basics of Technical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) encapsulates a lot of different strategies to make your law firm’s website get a better ranking on targeted searches. Among these strategies are filling your site with excellent content that targets specific topics, and actively promoting your site elsewhere on the internet with backlinks. However, one SEO tactic that often gets Read more about Basics of Technical SEO[…]