Scouting for trademarks in legal blog images

A Hidden Danger in Legal Blogging: Trademarks in Images

For being professional legal bloggers, we sure seem to talk an awful lot about images. It should come as no surprise, though, considering how important they are to a blog post: They break up what would otherwise be a wall of text, engage the reader, and serve as another opportunity to score some SEO points. Read more about A Hidden Danger in Legal Blogging: Trademarks in Images[…]

Pros and cons of using images in legal blog posts

Do You Need Images in Your Legal Blog?

We may be legal writers at Myers Freelance, but an important part of your legal blog is its images. The decision to use images or not is going to be one of the first decisions you make, and you will follow through on that decision or change course on every legal blog post you add Read more about Do You Need Images in Your Legal Blog?[…]

Trump Idiot Googlebomb

Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb

While we tend to avoid politics in our blog, we can’t not talk about Donald Trump getting Googlebombed late last week, as it shows some important differences in how the competing search engines work and how they can be manipulated. It also highlights (obviously) the importance of taking control of your online reputation before someone Read more about Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb[…]

Google image developments do not impact law firm SEO

Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings

Long ago, we discussed how you can use images to score points in SEO (search engine optimization). Since then, things have changed. However, just because the online marketing world has moved does not mean that it will impact your law firm, and we think that this is the case with the recent developments in image Read more about Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings[…]

Stock Photos in online legal marketing

Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design

We’re professional legal bloggers, so we focus more on the content of a legal website rather than its design. With that said, though, our blogging escapades and SEO research have brought us to hundreds of law firm websites, giving us an idea of what’s “in” and what is just plain ugly, even if they happen Read more about Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design[…]

risk of legal blogging

The Risks of Legal Blogging on Your Own

You’re an attorney. You know that the law is everywhere you look, regulating things in minute ways that are often overlooked. However, with your legal education, training, and practice, you’re confident that whatever legal issues you run up against are no match for your research skills. With that said, though, you’re also in the business Read more about The Risks of Legal Blogging on Your Own[…]

Copyright logo

Google Reaches Milestones With Copyright Penalties

Plagiarism is not just something that mattered in school. Now, violating someone else’s copyright online can have serious repercussions on your law firm’s search engine ranking. Search engines like Google have taken the initiative to try preventing copyright violations by seriously penalizing websites that step on someone else’s copyrighted material. The extent to which Google Read more about Google Reaches Milestones With Copyright Penalties[…]

Panorama of mountains, with blue sky and a cloud

How to Score SEO Points With Pictures

The differences between people and machines might be becoming smaller and smaller, thanks to artificial intelligence, but there is one difference that remains that’s important for search engine optimization (SEO): Computers still can’t “see” images. As a human being, here’s what you see: A computer, however, only sees this: <img src=”×334.jpg” alt=”Panorama of wooded and Read more about How to Score SEO Points With Pictures[…]

Upload Speed Images

Technical SEO: Optimizing Images

In our last blog post, we went over the importance of the upload speed of your law firm’s website. Search engines like Google are businesses, too, and want to maximize their own users’ experience. One of the things that their users hate the most is a website that uploads slowly. In this knowledge, search engines Read more about Technical SEO: Optimizing Images[…]

Google Pirate Penalty

Copyrights and More Google Penalties

As the dominant force in the search engine market, Google holds lots of influence on what happens online. For better or for worse, Google has shown a willingness to use that influence for causes that might only tangentially be related to its business, and are more closely aligned with the public good. One of the Read more about Copyrights and More Google Penalties[…]

Public Domain License

Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog

When it comes to legal blogging, there are numerous pitfalls and minefields that attract the unwary and inexperienced. Stumbling into one of them can not only hurt your website’s online prominence, but can lead to financial and legal liability, as well. Perhaps nowhere is this more common than with copyright issues surrounding photos or images Read more about Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog[…]