Technical SEO changes as Google advises against links from homepage

Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home

Optimizing your law firm’s website for search engines is increasingly about hosting the kinds of content and information on it that potential clients are looking for. However, not all of SEO is about your content: You can appease or insult the Google gods with the technical performance of your website, as well. We’ve covered technical Read more about Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home[…]

Headers in legal blog posts help readers and SEO

Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO

We’ve devoted several of our most recent posts to talking about headers. First, we reviewed the basics of headers, including how they were just lines of computer code, rather than an inherently different font style. Then we covered how headers help your legal blog’s SEO by signaling to search engines what a post, article, or Read more about Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO[…]

headers in legal blog posts improve SEO

Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO

Headings are not the sexiest things to talk about when it comes to legal blogging. However, they can be crucially important for your legal blog’s performance on both the search engine optimization (SEO) front and on the reader experience front. Therefore, we’ve devoted a small handful of blog posts to headers, what they are, and Read more about Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO[…]

SEO impact of Google My Business posts

SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business

Google has been making efforts to let business owners—including law firm partners—easily advertise their business online. One of those efforts has been Google My Business, which allows verified owners (like a partner) of eligible businesses (like a law firm) quickly create a page that interested search engine users can interact with. Among the features that Read more about SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business[…]

Trademarks and competitive keyword ads square off in new Google lawsuit

Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks

This is the second installment in a legal blog series about a lawsuit against Google over competitive keyword marketing. The first installment provided the background information, covering keywords, competitive keyword advertising, and the facts of the case. Here, we discuss the implications of the lawsuit between Edible Arrangements and Google, the likely outcome, and how Read more about Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks[…]

Edible Arrangements sues Google over the SEO technique of competitive keyword advertising

Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google

This is the first installment of a legal blog series dealing with an ongoing lawsuit focused on competitive keyword marketing. The second and final installment, which predicts the outcome of the lawsuit and the possible implications, can be found here. Well over a year ago, we described a state split in the online legal marketing Read more about Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google[…]

Yoast SEO and Keywords

How Yoast Actually Handles Keywords

If you’ve decided to market your law firm online, the first thing you’ll do in the execution stage is to create a website. Unless you’re investing heavily in the venture and contracting with a full-service website provider, you’ll probably put together a WordPress site (even if you do pay someone else to build your site, Read more about How Yoast Actually Handles Keywords[…]

Bold keywords likely do not help SEO for legal blogs

Should You Italicize or Bold the Keywords in Your Legal Blog?

As professional legal bloggers, we read a lot of legal blogs and see lots of techniques being used. One that we see constantly is the bolding of keywords. Some of the most egregious examples look like this: “As personal injury lawyers, the attorneys at [law firm’s name] seek to help our clients get the compensation Read more about Should You Italicize or Bold the Keywords in Your Legal Blog?[…]

Blog sample criminal defense cell phone carpenter v us

Blog Sample – Criminal Defense Attorney: Case Analysis

There are several reasons why you should maintain a legal blog on your law firm’s website. One of them is to solidify your reputation as an expert in your field of law. While this is especially important if you’re blogging for referral clients by catering your blog’s content to other lawyers, lay readers also appreciate Read more about Blog Sample – Criminal Defense Attorney: Case Analysis[…]

Call to action internal links

Internal Links and Calls to Action

Over a year ago – decades, in the world of search engine marketing (SEM) – we discussed the downfall of the call to action. When you’re writing online, including for a legal blog, the “call to action” (or “CTA”) is the paragraph that typically comes at the end of the blog post, urging readers to Read more about Internal Links and Calls to Action[…]