Law firm websites can generate leads

Your law firm’s website won’t attract new clients if no one sees it.

Lots of people use the internet when they need an attorney. The vast majority of them turn to search engines like Google to find one. 

If your law firm’s site is buried in the results, though, the odds that it will be seen by a potential client are drastically diminished. 

Rising to the top of a search engine’s results page is the best way to get your firm’s site in front of clients who are interested in what you do.


The internet became the most popular way for people to find an attorney as early as 2014. 

One survey found that there were more people who used the internet to find a lawyer (38%) than those who asked a friend or relative for a recommendation (29%).

Since then, the percentage of people who use the internet has likely grown even higher, possibly approaching 50%. This highlights the need to market your law firm online. Ignoring this deep source of clients can hamstring your firm’s growth, leaving them to choose your competitors, instead.

Found a lawyer online
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