Study tracks source of web traffic

How Much of Your Web Traffic Comes from Organic Results?

We get it: Potential clients look for law firms to hire online, and they tend to start their hunt with a search engine like Google. But how many actually turn to a search engine, first? And how do the other people end up finding a law firm to hire? Back in 2014, one study broke Read more about How Much of Your Web Traffic Comes from Organic Results?[…]

Schedule legal blog post publication times in a day planner

3 Reasons to Stick to a Schedule for Your Legal Blog Posts

Maintaining and constantly updating a legal blog with new posts isn’t easy. Keeping a regular publication schedule just makes it that much more difficult. The good news is that Google and the other search engines don’t seem to use a strict posting schedule as a ranking factor – law firms that publish on Monday, Wednesday, Read more about 3 Reasons to Stick to a Schedule for Your Legal Blog Posts[…]

Google SERP December 2019

How Google’s SERP Has Changed in 4 Years

We reiterate, perhaps entirely too often, that search engines change on a near constant basis. Whether the alteration affects how the search engine’s algorithms find results that are relevant and important to the search query, or just alter how the results page looks, the impact can have real implications on your law firm’s online marketing Read more about How Google’s SERP Has Changed in 4 Years[…]

Featured snippets take web traffic from top ranking site

While Overhyped, Featured Snippets are Still an SEO Goal

In our last blog post, we delved into Google’s decision to apply its Freshness Update to featured snippets. But what, exactly, are featured snippets and how can they help your law firm’s SEO efforts? Featured Snippets are Common Elements at the Top of the Results Page A featured snippet is a sampling of content taken Read more about While Overhyped, Featured Snippets are Still an SEO Goal[…]

The role of search engines in online marketing

The Role of Search Engines in Online Marketing

People facing legal problems and in need of an attorney frequently turn to the internet to find the lawyer they need. According to one survey from 2014, more legal clients got online to find an attorney than asked a friend or relative for a referral. In the years since that survey, the gap has likely Read more about The Role of Search Engines in Online Marketing[…]

Click through rate by rank in results page

Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics

Long ago, we talked about why it matters where you rank in the search results. Simply put, when someone throws a query into a search engine and hits enter, they are far more likely to click on the pages that appear near the top than they are to click on the ones at the bottom. Read more about Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics[…]

Branded searches get the warmest leads in online legal marketing

Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches

When you set out to market your law firm to potential clients who use search engines, there are a nearly infinite number of keywords and phrases that you can target. The ones that you aim for should be at the center of the content that you write in your legal blog. Among these targeted keywords Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches[…]

Weaknesses in SEM Study on Legal Blogging

Full Disclosure: Weak Points In Our Study

Conducting studies in search engine marketing (SEM) is difficult, and we at Myers Freelance know it. Search engines change rapidly and without notice, and have a significant incentive to keep the details of those changes a secret. What works one day is not guaranteed to work, the next, and the complexities of the industry make Read more about Full Disclosure: Weak Points In Our Study[…]

72 percent of top ranking criminal defense websites hosted legal blog

How Often Do Top-Ranking Law Firm Sites Host Legal Blogs?

At Myers Freelance, we ask a lot of questions about search engine marketing (SEM), in large part because, well, we’re skeptics. We like facts. We put statistical accuracy in high regard. We think that a potentially misleading figure is worse than no figure at all, because it can pull you down the wrong path, rather Read more about How Often Do Top-Ranking Law Firm Sites Host Legal Blogs?[…]

Google Keeps Tinkering With Customer Review Program

Before we delve into online customer reviews, their placement on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), how they impact your click-through-rate and, therefore, your web traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to keep these three things in mind: As a search engine, Google is a for-profit company that makes money off its advertising Read more about Google Keeps Tinkering With Customer Review Program[…]

Gavel and legal brief

Conversion Rates and PPC Ads

One of the most important pieces of information surrounding your website that can be tracked using analytics is your conversion rate. Generally, your website’s conversion rate is the percentage of your site’s visitors that end up “converting” into paying customers. In this way, your site’s conversion rate is basically how successful your law firm’s site Read more about Conversion Rates and PPC Ads[…]

Saturn Vue 2013 Google search without sidebar ads

Google Killed the Sidebar: What’s Happened Since?

In a recent blog post, we covered the news that Google had deleted sidebar ads. Now that it’s been a few weeks, search engine marketers and online advertisers are starting to see how the drastic move has impacted the online marketing field, including for law firms. Pay-Per-Click Advertising Gets More Expensive By eliminating the sidebar Read more about Google Killed the Sidebar: What’s Happened Since?[…]