online marketing funnel for law firms

Your Firm’s Online Marketing Funnel

In one of our recent blog posts, we investigated the difference between blog posts and landing pages, and discussed their roles in the marketing funnel. The analogy of the marketing funnel, though, goes much deeper than just blog posts and landing pages. It also deals with all of the different kinds of search queries and Read more about Your Firm’s Online Marketing Funnel[…]

targeting millennials with legal blogs

How to Attract Millennials to Your Firm and Why It Works

Millennials (people aged between 18-34) get blamed for a lot. From stagnating the economy through their declining homeownership rates or lack of retirement saving to making Hillary Clinton lose the election to tanking the Olympics to leaking information in the Trump administration to killing the soap bar industry to killing the light yogurt industry to Read more about How to Attract Millennials to Your Firm and Why It Works[…]

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Should Links Open in a New Tab?

When you write a legal blog post, you’re bound to include links to other sites and pages. Some of these are external links, taking your reader to a page that is not on your law firm’s website. Others are internal links, bringing your reader to somewhere else on your own domain. Depending on your content Read more about Should Links Open in a New Tab?[…]

reading other legal blogs

Should You Read Other Legal Blogs?

If you’re marketing your law firm online and you’re in an even remotely competitive area, you can rest assured that someone else out there is already maintaining a legal blog. Because lawyers can be a very close-knit group, there’s a significant chance that you even know the attorney behind the blog. So how do you Read more about Should You Read Other Legal Blogs?[…]