The many titles in legal content writing and marketing

All the Different Legal Marketing Job Titles, Explained

Marketing a company online is not an easy endeavor – at least, if you want to make sure you do it right, avoid mistakes, and maximize your efficiency. When your company is a law firm, it’s even more complicated because there are ethical rules that you need to comply with, legal advice you can’t give, Read more about All the Different Legal Marketing Job Titles, Explained[…]

Headers in legal blog posts help readers and SEO

Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO

We’ve devoted several of our most recent posts to talking about headers. First, we reviewed the basics of headers, including how they were just lines of computer code, rather than an inherently different font style. Then we covered how headers help your legal blog’s SEO by signaling to search engines what a post, article, or Read more about Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO[…]

headers in legal blog posts improve SEO

Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO

Headings are not the sexiest things to talk about when it comes to legal blogging. However, they can be crucially important for your legal blog’s performance on both the search engine optimization (SEO) front and on the reader experience front. Therefore, we’ve devoted a small handful of blog posts to headers, what they are, and Read more about Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO[…]

Search engines see computer code rather than headings in a legal blog post

Headers: The Basics and a Misconception

When you write a legal blog post, you’ll have the option of including a variety of different formatting options to break the post up into smaller segments and signal slight changes in the topic of the post. These are headers. Headers can score SEO points directly, and can also help readers in ways that score SEO Read more about Headers: The Basics and a Misconception[…]

Branded searches get the warmest leads in online legal marketing

Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches

When you set out to market your law firm to potential clients who use search engines, there are a nearly infinite number of keywords and phrases that you can target. The ones that you aim for should be at the center of the content that you write in your legal blog. Among these targeted keywords Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches[…]

Legal blogs SEO conversion

The Nuanced Space Between SEO and Conversion

Hosting a legal blog on your law firm’s webpage is one of the best ways to do online legal marketing. Not only does a legal blog help your site on the search engine optimization (SEO), front to get it in front of potential clients, it also helps convert those potential clients into paying ones. This Read more about The Nuanced Space Between SEO and Conversion[…]

Limits on vanity keywords can be depressing

Ranking Fluctuations Impact Vanity Keywords, Too

Long tail keywords are the very specific words and phrases that you want to target in your law firm’s online search engine marketing – “motorcycle accident attorney broken tibia charlotte north carolina” is a long tail keyword, while just “personal injury lawyer” is just a regular keyword. In a couple of recent blog posts, we Read more about Ranking Fluctuations Impact Vanity Keywords, Too[…]

legal blogging similar to business card

Legal Blogging and Conversion Rates

Your law firm’s website is like a business card in that there are two goals to it: Potential clients see it, and They contact your firm. In the context of online marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the ways to achieve goal #1. However, your site can score all of the SEO points Read more about Legal Blogging and Conversion Rates[…]

online marketing funnel for law firms

Your Firm’s Online Marketing Funnel

In one of our recent blog posts, we investigated the difference between blog posts and landing pages, and discussed their roles in the marketing funnel. The analogy of the marketing funnel, though, goes much deeper than just blog posts and landing pages. It also deals with all of the different kinds of search queries and Read more about Your Firm’s Online Marketing Funnel[…]

gymnast sticking a landing

Landing Pages in Focus

Landing pages occupy a unique and crucial niche in the online legal marketing world. They can be used to rank highly for some of the most basic keywords in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They can also serve as an important part of your online marketing funnel, turning interested clients into paying clients. But Read more about Landing Pages in Focus[…]

landing page and legal blog posts in funnel analogy

Blog Posts v. Landing Pages

If you’re reading a lot about marketing your law firm online, two terms that you’ve probably seen a lot are blog posts and landing pages. It might have bothered you that neither of these terms – so ubiquitous in search engine marketing (SEM) – are ever really distinguished from each other. The differences between landing Read more about Blog Posts v. Landing Pages[…]

clipper ship sailing

Legal Blogging and Navigational Queries

In one of our blog posts from February, we laid out the 3 different kinds of search queries. These were: Navigational queries, which merely use search engines to find a specific site, Transactional queries, which use search engines to make and complete a transaction, whether that be to buy something, sign up for a newsletter, Read more about Legal Blogging and Navigational Queries[…]