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Legal Blogs Influence Corporate Clients

For some types of law firms, like those in the field of business litigation, corporate clients are likely your number one source of work. Getting hired as outside counsel to help on a particular legal problem is your business plan. Unfortunately, grabbing the attention of a company’s in-house counsel can be a herculean task.

In-House Counsel Corporate Office
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If you think of your legal services as a product that gets consumed by your clients, then in-house counsel are some of the most sophisticated consumers that exist. Unlike laypeople who don’t know what to look for when they need an attorney, in-house attorneys know exactly what they need, and are willing to put time and energy into finding the right fit. They are attorneys, after all.

When a company’s legal issue goes beyond the scope of what their in-house attorneys can handle, their legal department will investigate hiring outside counsel, like your law firm. However, because they’re so knowledgeable about not only the law, but also the business of the law, in-house attorneys won’t be satisfied with just the top listing on a basic Google search. Instead, they’re going to take an in-depth look at what you have to offer, and make a well-informed decision based on what they find.

Legal Blogs Are One of the Things That Corporate Clients Look At

Perhaps the best way to grab the attention of corporate clients is to host a quality legal blog on your website. Legal blogs are an excellent way to communicate, and showcase, your expertise in a specific subject. They position your firm at the forefront of your industry, and show that you’re one of the big players in your legal field. They provide an opportunity to build your reputation as a legal expert in your chosen field, and show off the value of what you can bring to a corporate client looking for someone like you.

These are all generalities, though. Statistics tell the real story. A 2012 survey asked in-house counsel whether they were at least partially influenced by a law blog in their decision to hire outside counsel. 76% said that they were.

This was three years ago. Signs indicate a steady increase over the past three years in legal professionals using the internet, including social media and blogging, as a part of their practice.

Professional Legal Blogging Can Help

Maintaining a legal blog can be exhausting. It takes time, energy, and effort that you’d rather spend actually practicing the law. Additionally, writing and marketing are entire professions of themselves, requiring their own set of knowledge and talents to do well.

Myers Freelance recognizes this. We’re professional writers with law degrees and experience marketing and promoting law firms to the clients they want most. Contact us online, and we’ll plan and execute a legal blogging strategy that builds your firm’s clientele and increases your bottom line.