Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment

We’ve already covered the difference between black and white hat search engine optimization (SEO) in this blog. However, there is a new trend of top level domains for the legal field (.attorney or .law) that makes it worth exploring, again. In order to show why these top level domains aren’t all they’re cracked up to Read more about Why Top Level Domain Names Are a Poor Investment[…]

Site Architecture

Technical SEO: Site Architecture

As we’ve been detailing in our past few blogs posts, search engine optimization (SEO) is not just about filling your webpage with quality content to improve your search rankings. There are numerous other ways to boost your online prominence by optimizing your site’s performance in search engine algorithms. Some of these methods have nothing to Read more about Technical SEO: Site Architecture[…]

Upload Speed Images

Technical SEO: Optimizing Images

In our last blog post, we went over the importance of the upload speed of your law firm’s website. Search engines like Google are businesses, too, and want to maximize their own users’ experience. One of the things that their users hate the most is a website that uploads slowly. In this knowledge, search engines Read more about Technical SEO: Optimizing Images[…]

Race car website upload speed

Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the profession of enhancing a webpage, so it works better in search results. Unfortunately, there is no one single way to do this. Even if there were some loophole in the system that was susceptible to some black hat SEO methods, the benefits to your website would only last as Read more about Technical SEO: The Importance of Speed[…]

Flat website architecture

Basics of Technical SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) encapsulates a lot of different strategies to make your law firm’s website get a better ranking on targeted searches. Among these strategies are filling your site with excellent content that targets specific topics, and actively promoting your site elsewhere on the internet with backlinks. However, one SEO tactic that often gets Read more about Basics of Technical SEO[…]