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Should You Read Other Legal Blogs?

If you’re marketing your law firm online and you’re in an even remotely competitive area, you can rest assured that someone else out there is already maintaining a legal blog. Because lawyers can be a very close-knit group, there’s a significant chance that you even know the attorney behind the blog. So how do you Read more about Should You Read Other Legal Blogs?[…]

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Landing Pages in Focus

Landing pages occupy a unique and crucial niche in the online legal marketing world. They can be used to rank highly for some of the most basic keywords in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. They can also serve as an important part of your online marketing funnel, turning interested clients into paying clients. But Read more about Landing Pages in Focus[…]

Indexed Pages, Big Websites, and Rankings

Search engine marketing is a bit like a rabbit hole. Once you start reading about it and researching how you can better market your law firm online, it’s easy to start tumbling head over heels in information and lessons that often seem contradictory. It’s easy to get confused and wish there was an easy and Read more about Indexed Pages, Big Websites, and Rankings[…]

2016’s Changes to SEM: Traditional Signals to User Intent

One of the most exciting and frustrating parts of marketing your law firm online is the speed at which search engines change. If you’re in the business, the constantly shifting landscape of search engine marketing (SEM) keeps you on your toes, and gives plenty of opportunities for some innovative maneuvering. If you’re not in the Read more about 2016’s Changes to SEM: Traditional Signals to User Intent[…]

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How Outbound Links Can Hurt Your Site, Too

Backlinks are one of the best ways to put up points on the search engine optimization (SEO) board. Whenever some other site links to yours, it signals to search engines that your site is relevant and important. However, as soon as search engine marketing professionals realized this, they started dropping links so quickly and in Read more about How Outbound Links Can Hurt Your Site, Too[…]

Google Updates and Negative SEO

The worlds of search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO) evolve on a rapid basis, with new updates and significant changes happening seemingly every week. Recently, however, those updates were far more drastic than normal, with one of Google’s most hated and feared penalty getting a complete makeover. Now, we’re sorting through the Read more about Google Updates and Negative SEO[…]

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Google’s New Update, and How It Can Impact Your Firm

In some respects, the field of search engine optimization (SEO) is kind of like the field of law. How quickly SEO changes, though, is not one of them. SEO changes constantly. The rapid evolution of the field is why there are no good books on SEO: By the time the book gets printed, more than Read more about Google’s New Update, and How It Can Impact Your Firm[…]

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New Study Showcases the Importance of Links

Search engine marketing (SEM) is like playing darts. Except there’s no dart board. You only learn how many points you get when the master of the game tells you. Incidentally, the game master can also change the size, shape, and location of the scoring fields on the board. Luckily, search engine marketers have been throwing Read more about New Study Showcases the Importance of Links[…]

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Attorney Marketing 101: Anchor Text

Elsewhere in our blog, we’ve covered the idea of backlinks and the importance of building a portfolio of them to your site. When a search engine sees a healthy grouping of links pointing to your site from the rest of the web, they think that it’s a strong indicator of your site’s value. However, not Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Anchor Text[…]

A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney

Over the past couple of months on our blog, we’ve been focusing a little bit on less credible search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, like link buying, and especially on the Google penalties that can come from using them. However, without a specific example to help understand how the process of going from black hat SEO Read more about A Case Study of Black Hat SEO: J.C. Penney[…]

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How to Use Social Media to Build Backlinks

There are a lot of elements to search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines are incredibly complex and, to make matters worse, change constantly to maximize their users’ experience. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that optimizing your site’s performance in these search engines is complex and ever-changing, as well. In a recent blog post, we Read more about How to Use Social Media to Build Backlinks[…]