Trump Idiot Googlebomb

Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb

While we tend to avoid politics in our blog, we can’t not talk about Donald Trump getting Googlebombed late last week, as it shows some important differences in how the competing search engines work and how they can be manipulated. It also highlights (obviously) the importance of taking control of your online reputation before someone Read more about Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb[…]

Google reins in penalties for keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane

A recent discussion on Twitter has put the search engine optimization (SEO) world in confusion, as leading figures at Google revealed that keyword stuffing penalties are on the wane. The conversation also highlights 4 aspects of SEO and online marketing that we’ve covered elsewhere on our blog: Search engines closely hide their mechanisms Search engines Read more about Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane[…]

Google algorithm tweaks change marketing results for legal websites

More Algorithmic Changes, and How to Win When They Happen

Partners who carefully watch how well their law firm’s website is doing in the search engine rankings might have noticed a shakeup in the past week as Google rolled out a new update to its algorithms. The update is nothing unusual, though the breadth of the changes has been wider-reaching than normal. The results highlight Read more about More Algorithmic Changes, and How to Win When They Happen[…]

Yellow pages legal directory lawyer marketing

Study Reveals Persistence of Legal Directories in Search Results

We recently conducted a study, which found that, out of the top three legal websites for a vanity keyword search in Google for criminal defense attorneys in the 50 largest cities in the U.S., 72% of the sites hosted a legal blog. While our study might not have been perfect, it did stress how legal Read more about Study Reveals Persistence of Legal Directories in Search Results[…]

Defending a website from content scrapers is like defending a castle

Defending Your Site Against Content Scrapers

In our last blog post, we talked about the dangers of content scrapers. In short, some websites on the internet make money by copying content from your legal blog and pasting it on their website – their efforts are often automated, using content scraping bots. This can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts or Read more about Defending Your Site Against Content Scrapers[…]

Content scrapers can take legal blog articles and hurt SEO

Content Scrapers, and Why You Should Worry About Them

In online marketing, high-quality content is a big deal. Hosting it on your site is a surefire way to move up in the rankings. It’s also why other sites will copy and paste your content into their domain. Some sites even have automated content scrapers for just this purpose. Content scraping is illegal – your Read more about Content Scrapers, and Why You Should Worry About Them[…]

Yoast SEO and Keywords

How Yoast Actually Handles Keywords

If you’ve decided to market your law firm online, the first thing you’ll do in the execution stage is to create a website. Unless you’re investing heavily in the venture and contracting with a full-service website provider, you’ll probably put together a WordPress site (even if you do pay someone else to build your site, Read more about How Yoast Actually Handles Keywords[…]

Bold keywords likely do not help SEO for legal blogs

Should You Italicize or Bold the Keywords in Your Legal Blog?

As professional legal bloggers, we read a lot of legal blogs and see lots of techniques being used. One that we see constantly is the bolding of keywords. Some of the most egregious examples look like this: “As personal injury lawyers, the attorneys at [law firm’s name] seek to help our clients get the compensation Read more about Should You Italicize or Bold the Keywords in Your Legal Blog?[…]

diluting ink in water shows how internal links weaken

Calls to Action, Penalties, and Link Dilution

In our last blog post, we reached way back into our archives to answer a question about a blog post we wrote last year. This ancient post had detailed the downfall of the call to action (CTA), the paragraph that often comes at the end of a legal blog post that urges readers to contact Read more about Calls to Action, Penalties, and Link Dilution[…]

Social Media Strategy Backlinks

Backlinks and Social Media: Strategies

Our last two blog posts have delved into the conundrum of something that we glossed over last year: The value of backlinks on social media for search engine optimization (SEO). Here’s a summary and recap of where we’ve been, so far. Where We’ve Been: Social Media, Backlinks, and Freshness Our first post in this three-part Read more about Backlinks and Social Media: Strategies[…]

Google Keeps Tinkering With Customer Review Program

Before we delve into online customer reviews, their placement on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), how they impact your click-through-rate and, therefore, your web traffic and search engine optimization (SEO), it’s important to keep these three things in mind: As a search engine, Google is a for-profit company that makes money off its advertising Read more about Google Keeps Tinkering With Customer Review Program[…]