Google's speed update changed very little in the SEO world

Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing

Recently, Google rolled out a new update to its algorithm that ranks websites in the results page. This new update purportedly added weight to the mobile upload speed of a webpage, threatening to bury slow websites in the rankings when a search is done on a mobile device. Online marketing experts, however, have seen very Read more about Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing[…]

Trump Idiot Googlebomb

Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb

While we tend to avoid politics in our blog, we can’t not talk about Donald Trump getting Googlebombed late last week, as it shows some important differences in how the competing search engines work and how they can be manipulated. It also highlights (obviously) the importance of taking control of your online reputation before someone Read more about Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb[…]

Online reviews might impact local SEO ranking for law firms

Study Shows that Online Reviews Might Impact Local Rankings

Recent research has revealed that your law firm’s online reviews might have impact on your place in local search rankings. Local SEO: A Refresher Recall that search engines use data from each individual searcher to create a results page that are unique, adapting to satisfy a user’s intent as accurately as possible. In concrete English, Read more about Study Shows that Online Reviews Might Impact Local Rankings[…]

Keyword stuffing confuses search engines and promotes the wrong page

How Keyword Stuffing Can Create SEO Nightmares

In our last blog post, we covered a new development in the world of search engine optimization (SEO): Google developers had revealed that keyword stuffing penalties were on the wane. Websites that had lots of keywords crammed awkwardly onto a page were still ranking well, if the rest of the page was still highly valuable. Read more about How Keyword Stuffing Can Create SEO Nightmares[…]

Google reins in penalties for keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane

A recent discussion on Twitter has put the search engine optimization (SEO) world in confusion, as leading figures at Google revealed that keyword stuffing penalties are on the wane. The conversation also highlights 4 aspects of SEO and online marketing that we’ve covered elsewhere on our blog: Search engines closely hide their mechanisms Search engines Read more about Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane[…]

Google image developments do not impact law firm SEO

Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings

Long ago, we discussed how you can use images to score points in SEO (search engine optimization). Since then, things have changed. However, just because the online marketing world has moved does not mean that it will impact your law firm, and we think that this is the case with the recent developments in image Read more about Image SEO Developments, and Red Herrings[…]

Headers in legal blog posts help readers and SEO

Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO

We’ve devoted several of our most recent posts to talking about headers. First, we reviewed the basics of headers, including how they were just lines of computer code, rather than an inherently different font style. Then we covered how headers help your legal blog’s SEO by signaling to search engines what a post, article, or Read more about Headers: Helping Readers Help Your SEO[…]

headers in legal blog posts improve SEO

Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO

Headings are not the sexiest things to talk about when it comes to legal blogging. However, they can be crucially important for your legal blog’s performance on both the search engine optimization (SEO) front and on the reader experience front. Therefore, we’ve devoted a small handful of blog posts to headers, what they are, and Read more about Headers Help Your Legal Blog’s SEO[…]

Search engines see computer code rather than headings in a legal blog post

Headers: The Basics and a Misconception

When you write a legal blog post, you’ll have the option of including a variety of different formatting options to break the post up into smaller segments and signal slight changes in the topic of the post. These are headers. Headers can score SEO points directly, and can also help readers in ways that score SEO Read more about Headers: The Basics and a Misconception[…]

SEO impact of Google My Business posts

SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business

Google has been making efforts to let business owners—including law firm partners—easily advertise their business online. One of those efforts has been Google My Business, which allows verified owners (like a partner) of eligible businesses (like a law firm) quickly create a page that interested search engine users can interact with. Among the features that Read more about SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business[…]

Branded searches get the warmest leads in online legal marketing

Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches

When you set out to market your law firm to potential clients who use search engines, there are a nearly infinite number of keywords and phrases that you can target. The ones that you aim for should be at the center of the content that you write in your legal blog. Among these targeted keywords Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches[…]