2 Changes in 3 Years of Legal Blogging at Myers Freelance

2 Ways Our Legal Blogs Have Changed in the Last 3 Years

In our last week’s post, we wrote a blog sample for corporate and employment lawyers to highlight how a professionally written legal blog article can look like. This was far from the first blog sample we’ve written: The first one was nearly three years ago, now, and covered the DUI-defense topic of SR-22 insurance. As Read more about 2 Ways Our Legal Blogs Have Changed in the Last 3 Years[…]

Google+ shutting down ends headaches of online legal marketing

Google+ Shuts Down

Social media is a great way for law firms to interact with potential clients and other members of the general public. It’s also a place where you can build a healthy portfolio of backlinks to your law firm’s website and score search engine optimization (SEO) points. So when the social media platform Google+ announced that Read more about Google+ Shuts Down[…]

The ABA's new attorney advertising rules impact claims of specialty

Claims of Specialty in the ABA’s New Model Rule 7

In our last couple of blog posts, we dealt with the new attorney advertising rules from the American Bar Association (ABA), and then delved into the changes in the new Model Rule 7 and how they will impact legal blogging. We punted, however, on discussing what is possibly the most important change to Model Rule Read more about Claims of Specialty in the ABA’s New Model Rule 7[…]

ABA's changes to Rule 7 attorney advertising rules will impact legal blogging

New Model Rule 7 and Its Impact on Legal Blogging

In our last blog post, we mentioned how the American Bar Association (ABA) revised its rules on attorney advertising. The revision of the ABA’s Model Rules of Professional Responsibility was more of a complete rewrite, though, as the changes gutted most of the sections in Rule 7. Here’s what changed, and why it matters for Read more about New Model Rule 7 and Its Impact on Legal Blogging[…]

American Bar Association alters rules of attorney advertising

ABA Revises Model Rules on Attorney Advertising

Attorney advertising is regulated by your state’s bar association and its Rules of Professional Conduct. Most of the states in the U.S. base their rules on the American Bar Association’s (ABA) Model Rules. So when the ABA amends nearly all of its rules on how lawyers can market themselves, the trickle down implications can be Read more about ABA Revises Model Rules on Attorney Advertising[…]

Technical SEO changes as Google advises against links from homepage

Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home

Optimizing your law firm’s website for search engines is increasingly about hosting the kinds of content and information on it that potential clients are looking for. However, not all of SEO is about your content: You can appease or insult the Google gods with the technical performance of your website, as well. We’ve covered technical Read more about Google Advises Against Linking to All Pages from Home[…]

Google's algorithm change can hurt your law firm's ranking online

A New Algorithm Change, and How to Recover Lost Ground

Once again, the search engine optimization (SEO) and online marketing worlds have been flooded with news of another core change to Google’s search algorithm. While the update came out at the beginning of the month, it only finished “rolling out” in the past few days. Now, the data is spilling in, rankings are fluctuating, and Read more about A New Algorithm Change, and How to Recover Lost Ground[…]

Google's speed update changed very little in the SEO world

Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing

Recently, Google rolled out a new update to its algorithm that ranks websites in the results page. This new update purportedly added weight to the mobile upload speed of a webpage, threatening to bury slow websites in the rankings when a search is done on a mobile device. Online marketing experts, however, have seen very Read more about Google’s Speed Update Changed Next to Nothing[…]

Trump Idiot Googlebomb

Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb

While we tend to avoid politics in our blog, we can’t not talk about Donald Trump getting Googlebombed late last week, as it shows some important differences in how the competing search engines work and how they can be manipulated. It also highlights (obviously) the importance of taking control of your online reputation before someone Read more about Lessons from the Trump Googlebomb[…]

Google reins in penalties for keyword stuffing

Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane

A recent discussion on Twitter has put the search engine optimization (SEO) world in confusion, as leading figures at Google revealed that keyword stuffing penalties are on the wane. The conversation also highlights 4 aspects of SEO and online marketing that we’ve covered elsewhere on our blog: Search engines closely hide their mechanisms Search engines Read more about Keyword Stuffing Penalties on the Wane[…]

Google upgrade incentivizes law firms to use speedy websites

Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade

Next month, Google has a few updates primed for rollout. One of them, the so-called Speed Update, is yet another indication that Google is pushing websites towards a more user-friendly experience in all metrics. Google’s Newest Speed-Related Update Google’s newest update to its algorithm will take the upload speed of websites into account whenever someone Read more about Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade[…]