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3 Reasons to Keep a Legal Blog

We’ve been over some of the particular reasons why legal blogging is something that your law firm should be doing on its website. Here, we’re going to put all of those reasons into a quick list, because we care.

That Whole SEO Thing

Probably the top reason to keep a legal blog on your law firm’s website is to improve its ranking in search engines. Websites that rank near the top of the search results attract more visitors than those near the bottom, and websites that attract more visitors have more leads that they can convert from potential clients into paying clients.

If being at the top of the search results is where you want to go, search engine optimization (SEO) is how to get there. By optimizing your website for search engines, you can boost your site’s performance in targeted searches. One of the best ways to do this is by hosting lots of great content on your site, and a legal blog is one way to do this.

Establishing Your Firm’s Character

The services that lawyers provide are incredibly personal. It can be very easy for attorneys to forget this fact – they’re in the thick of it on a daily basis – but it can be helpful to remember that clients tell their lawyers some of their closest secrets.

Having a personality, and showing it in your law firm’s legal blog, can be a tie-breaker for clients looking for an attorney. Clients want to connect with their attorney on something more than a professional level, especially if they know that they are going to be telling their lawyer some closely personal things. A legal blog is one way to give them something to latch on to, and to convince them that you’re the attorney they can trust.

Showing Off Your Legal Chops

It should go without saying that clients want to find an attorney who knows what they’re doing. Hosting a legal blog on your website that deals with the nuances of your legal field and discusses recent developments is a great way of showing that you’re not just a typical attorney, but a leader in your field.

Regardless of whether your blog shows this by discussing the newest case from your state’s supreme court of the latest policy proposals in the news, readers appreciate the time and effort that your firm is taking to keep abreast of the newest developments. It makes them more comfortable, knowing that your firm is at the cutting edge of your field.

Myers Freelance Legal Blogging

3 reasons to keep a legal blog
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Each of these three reasons to keep a legal blog on your firm’s webpage includes numerous other factors. For example, legal blog articles are prime fodder for your social media campaign, which can bring in traffic and create a healthy backlink portfolio, but that’s all a part of SEO. Penning a legal blog also enhances your reputation as a highly-skilled attorney, but that’s a part of developing your firm’s character and showing off your extensive legal knowledge.

Unfortunately, keeping your legal blog rolling isn’t easy. That’s where the professional legal bloggers at Myers Freelance come in. Our writing pros have the legal knowledge and experience to fill your legal blog with insightful content, as well as the internet marketing savvy to make your blog deliver.

Contact us online to get started with your firm’s blog.