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Legal Blogging for Direct and Referral Audiences

different audiences require different legal blog stylesIf you’re exploring whether to market your legal firm online – or even if you’ve just made the decision to invest more into your online marketing efforts – one of the main questions you need to ask and answer is this: “Who are most of my firm’s clients?”

Understanding where your current clients come from is a huge factor to take into account before investing in online marketing. Without a clear idea of where your clients come from, your future marketing efforts will be nothing more than spasmodic shots into the darkness. Only by identifying and targeting an ascertainable pool of clients can you ensure your marketing investment gets the results you’re looking for.

When it comes to writing a legal blog, though, the crucial distinction to pay attention to is how your clients came to your firm – directly, or from a referral.

Legal Blogging and Direct Marketing

Clients who come directly to your law firm are those who hear about you from someone other than another attorney. Whether these clients call your law office after seeing your name on a billboard, after doing a Google search for personal injury attorneys in your area, or after one of their friends recommended you, none of these clients came to your office because some other attorney recommended you. Instead, your firm’s marketing efforts – whether in a traditional, online, or word-of-mouth format – got directly to your client, and that client responded.

If this described most of your clients, then you want your legal blog to build on this momentum. This means writing your legal blog in a way that appeals to laypeople. It means writing simply, breaking down legal jargon, and avoiding an unnecessary topic if it’s a complex one that would distract a reader from the main point of your article.

Legal Blogging and Referrals

Some law firms, on the other hand, get many of their clients from referrals or from other attorneys. When your clients come from this path and you want to expand your clientele, focusing on your direct marketing would be inefficient.

To appeal more to referral clients, though, you need to write your legal blog differently than if you were trying to reach out directly to laypeople. Instead of focusing more on synthesizing legal concepts, you need to worry more about the depth of your analysis. While it’s easy to worry about the difficulty of bringing worthwhile insight to a legal issue in your blog posts, it’s also easy to overlook how refreshing it can be to flex your legal muscles, rather than having to explain basic concepts like proximate causation over and over again.

Professional Legal Blogging at Myers Freelance

Regardless of where your clients are coming from, the professional legal bloggers at Myers Freelance can ensure your blog is aimed at the right audience. Contact us online to get started on your law firm’s blog.