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The Evolution of SEO, and Legal Blogging

The profession of search engine optimization (SEO) is completely unlike the legal profession in how quickly it changes. While the legal field relies on stare decisis and upholding the expectations of the parties, internet marketing changes repeatedly and relentlessly as search engines evolve and marketers struggle to keep up.

Because of this constant arms race between search engines and marketing professionals, SEO has evolved to such an extent that today’s practitioners would hardly be recognizable to those in the field a decade ago. There are even doubts that “search engine optimization” is the correct term for the field.

Photo credit: Johanna Pung
Photo credit: Johanna Pung

How the Evolution of SEO Affects Your Firm, Now

But how does this slow change in the world of internet marketing impact your law firm, today?

As is typically the case with background information, understanding all of the details would be a long, arduous, and inefficient process. However, if you’re looking to build your client base by marketing your law firm online, and want to hire someone to help do it well, then having a basic sense of the changes that have happened in the field can help.

From Technical Tweaks to Content Creation

The essence of the evolution in search engine optimization has revolved around how online marketers make a website perform better. Early on, when search engines were relatively primitive, technical aspects of SEO were generally what separated good websites from bad ones. However, as search engines got better at dealing with different websites, and as website building software like WordPress made it easier for non-professionals to cater to search engines, the importance of technical SEO has diminished.

Now, it’s the content of a website that generally differentiates a good one from a bad one. While technical SEO still plays a role – for example, a slow website will make it much more difficult to rank well – what you host on your site and how people interact with it is the difference-maker.

Content Creation and Legal Blogging

All of the information that you host on your site helps boost your site’s ranking. This is why legal blogs are so prevalent – hosting one gives you the opportunity to fill your site with far more material than is otherwise possible. However, putting together all of this material so you can compete against other law firms online is an uphill battle, and making a mistake or working inefficiently can be costly.

That’s where Myers Freelance comes in. As professional legal bloggers, we focus on content creation, and cater our business exclusively to the legal field. Contact us today to get started.