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Myers Freelance – GRAND OPENING

Logo Grand OpeningSince our website went live back in mid-October, Myers Freelance has been in “soft opening” mode – we’ve been toeing the water and getting our ducks in a line, while still letting it be known that we’re out there.

Today, all of that changes. The doors of Myers Freelance are thrown open for business, and we can’t wait to get started.

One of the things that we bring to the table, our signature piece, in fact, is legal blogging.

Top Notch Legal Blogging

Our calling card is – and always will be – our legal blogging. With our combination of knowledge, skill, and dedication, we do it right, every time.


All of our writers have J.D.s and legal experience, making them more than competent to research your topic, understand the nuances behind it, and then intelligently write about it in a way that connects with the type of readers that you’re targeting. You can trust that our writers will understand legal terminology like respondeat superior, and densely-packed issues like probable cause, and that they’ll know how to present them in understandable ways to lay and professional readers, alike.

Additionally, our writers know the ins-and-outs of search engine optimization (SEO), and understand how to seamlessly integrate SEO tactics into their writing, to make your blog easily readable not only to people, but to search engines, as well. Given time, the steady boost to your website’s prominence will soon be reflected in your firm’s bottom line.


A law degree and experience in the legal field are great, but our legal bloggers are – first and foremost – writers. Everyone on our team has worked as proofreaders, editors, journalists, and writers before, during, and often since getting their law degree. Many are published in other fields, including news satire, sports writing, political journalism, comedy, theater, and fiction.

We find this important, because writing a legal blog is not like writing a brief for the court. Your readers don’t have to read your blog – you have to make them want to read it. Our team of writers knows how to grab a reader’s attention and not let it go. Our writers know how to engage a reader, walk them to the end of the article, and implant the idea in the reader’s mind that they need an attorney, and that you are the attorney that will get the job done.


Myers Freelance understands that the internet is full of content mills and other writers, asking for pennies per blog.

Instead of following along, Myers Freelance has chosen to give our writing team the tools, time, and resources they need to write compelling articles, effectively edit and proofread them, and then submit them in a professional manner that you can count on. Legal blogging is our profession, not our hobby, and we won’t leave a project simply because our schedule has changed.

Our dedication to our clients is unmatched in the legal blogging world, and we’re now ready to prove it.

Get Started

Contact us to get started. We’re offering 10% off your blog for the first month if you get in touch with Myers Freelance before the ball drops on New Year’s Eve. Even better, this is cumulative with our other offers, which will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter accounts, so follow us to save even more.