Click through rate by rank in results page

Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics

Long ago, we talked about why it matters where you rank in the search results. Simply put, when someone throws a query into a search engine and hits enter, they are far more likely to click on the pages that appear near the top than they are to click on the ones at the bottom. Read more about Nuance in Click-Through-Rate Statistics[…]

Law firms and lawyers make Twitter gaffes

Twitter Gaffes, and What We Can Learn from Them

Twitter is supposed to be the place for lawyers and law firms to interact with potential clients and convince them to call if they have a legal problem. However, many lawyers underestimate the dedication it takes to have a strong social media presence, instead seeming to adopt the “if you build it, they will come” Read more about Twitter Gaffes, and What We Can Learn from Them[…]

Google upgrade incentivizes law firms to use speedy websites

Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade

Next month, Google has a few updates primed for rollout. One of them, the so-called Speed Update, is yet another indication that Google is pushing websites towards a more user-friendly experience in all metrics. Google’s Newest Speed-Related Update Google’s newest update to its algorithm will take the upload speed of websites into account whenever someone Read more about Google Primed to Roll Out Speed Upgrade[…]

39 percent of potential clients find lawyers online

More People Find Lawyers Online than Through Referrals

All of online legal marketing is based around one underlying assumption: People who are interested in hiring a lawyer use the internet to find one. While at one point this might have seemed like a novel idea—one that did not call for spending lots of money in pursuing—it has since become a stark reality. People Read more about More People Find Lawyers Online than Through Referrals[…]

SEO impact of Google My Business posts

SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business

Google has been making efforts to let business owners—including law firm partners—easily advertise their business online. One of those efforts has been Google My Business, which allows verified owners (like a partner) of eligible businesses (like a law firm) quickly create a page that interested search engine users can interact with. Among the features that Read more about SEO Impact of Posts on Google My Business[…]

Stock Photos in online legal marketing

Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design

We’re professional legal bloggers, so we focus more on the content of a legal website rather than its design. With that said, though, our blogging escapades and SEO research have brought us to hundreds of law firm websites, giving us an idea of what’s “in” and what is just plain ugly, even if they happen Read more about Our Thoughts on Stock Photos and Legal Web Design[…]

Branded searches get the warmest leads in online legal marketing

Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches

When you set out to market your law firm to potential clients who use search engines, there are a nearly infinite number of keywords and phrases that you can target. The ones that you aim for should be at the center of the content that you write in your legal blog. Among these targeted keywords Read more about Attorney Marketing 101: Branded Searches[…]

58 percent of online searches use mobile devices

Why You Shouldn’t Worry that 58% of Searches are on Mobile Devices

When you use Google or another search engine to find a website, the search engine pays attention to what device you’re using to conduct the search: Those that are done on a desktop computer will get slightly different results than those that are done on smartphones, because a smartphone’s smaller screen can’t effectively display some Read more about Why You Shouldn’t Worry that 58% of Searches are on Mobile Devices[…]

Law firm penalized for soliciting online reviews

Law Firm Gets Penalized for Soliciting Online Reviews

Search engines are increasingly moving towards a business model that lets their customers – internet users – make recommendations. After all, search engines are in the industry of providing relevant and important results for whatever search query their customers make, so letting people rate their experience with a place or a business could be helpful Read more about Law Firm Gets Penalized for Soliciting Online Reviews[…]

Trademarks and competitive keyword ads square off in new Google lawsuit

Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks

This is the second installment in a legal blog series about a lawsuit against Google over competitive keyword marketing. The first installment provided the background information, covering keywords, competitive keyword advertising, and the facts of the case. Here, we discuss the implications of the lawsuit between Edible Arrangements and Google, the likely outcome, and how Read more about Competitive Keyword Advertisements v. Trademarks[…]

Edible Arrangements sues Google over the SEO technique of competitive keyword advertising

Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google

This is the first installment of a legal blog series dealing with an ongoing lawsuit focused on competitive keyword marketing. The second and final installment, which predicts the outcome of the lawsuit and the possible implications, can be found here. Well over a year ago, we described a state split in the online legal marketing Read more about Competitive Keyword Ads Go to Court: Edible Arrangements v. Google[…]