war against legal blogging overview

The War Against Legal Blogging: An Overview

There are a lot of wars going in the world, right now. There’s the war in Syria. There’s the conflict between Democrats and Republicans that came to a head in the recent election. Perhaps even more pressing, there’s the fight over how much pulp should be in orange juice (try bringing that up in a Read more about The War Against Legal Blogging: An Overview[…]

risk of legal blogging

The Risks of Legal Blogging on Your Own

You’re an attorney. You know that the law is everywhere you look, regulating things in minute ways that are often overlooked. However, with your legal education, training, and practice, you’re confident that whatever legal issues you run up against are no match for your research skills. With that said, though, you’re also in the business Read more about The Risks of Legal Blogging on Your Own[…]

Legal Ethics and Competitive Keyword Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is all about being at the top of the organic results of a targeted search engine query. However, instead of struggling to get to the top of the organic results, you can skip the line by coughing up the money to buy a pay-per-click (PPC) advertisement, instead. Doing so labels your Read more about Legal Ethics and Competitive Keyword Marketing[…]

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Google Reaches Milestones With Copyright Penalties

Plagiarism is not just something that mattered in school. Now, violating someone else’s copyright online can have serious repercussions on your law firm’s search engine ranking. Search engines like Google have taken the initiative to try preventing copyright violations by seriously penalizing websites that step on someone else’s copyrighted material. The extent to which Google Read more about Google Reaches Milestones With Copyright Penalties[…]

Avvo’s Lawsuits Showcases the Importance of Your Own Website

There are numerous ways to advertise your law firm online. You don’t even need to have your own website to make efforts to reach potential clientele through the internet. However, as recently-filed lawsuits make clear, the benefits of having your own website – and the control that it gives you over your own image – Read more about Avvo’s Lawsuits Showcases the Importance of Your Own Website[…]

Google Pirate Penalty

Copyrights and More Google Penalties

As the dominant force in the search engine market, Google holds lots of influence on what happens online. For better or for worse, Google has shown a willingness to use that influence for causes that might only tangentially be related to its business, and are more closely aligned with the public good. One of the Read more about Copyrights and More Google Penalties[…]

Public Domain License

Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog

When it comes to legal blogging, there are numerous pitfalls and minefields that attract the unwary and inexperienced. Stumbling into one of them can not only hurt your website’s online prominence, but can lead to financial and legal liability, as well. Perhaps nowhere is this more common than with copyright issues surrounding photos or images Read more about Image Licenses You Need to Know for Your Legal Blog[…]

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Commercial Speech and Legal Blogs

Commercial speech, like the rest of constitutional law, can be tricky. Unfortunately, this can affect your legal blog. Being labeled as commercial speech affords your firm’s blog fewer legal protections, making it more important to tread carefully and choose your words wisely. Refresher: What Is Commercial Speech? Commercial speech is a kind of expression made Read more about Commercial Speech and Legal Blogs[…]

The Dangers of Blog Photos

Even a quick look at legal blogs shows how important photos can be. They spice up the page, and don’t leave the reader as disappointed as you were, when you saw this post was just an imposing wall of text. Unfortunately, photos are a legal landmine, for those who don’t know exactly how to navigate Read more about The Dangers of Blog Photos[…]

Blackmun wrote Bates, prohibiting bans on attorney advertising

The Beginning of Legal Advertising – Bates v. State Bar of Arizona

Bates v. State Bar of Arizona is the United States Supreme Court case that declared an outright ban on legal advertising unconstitutional. Before Bates was decided in 1977, the American Bar Association (ABA) pushed states to adopt rules of professional conduct that prohibited nearly all forms of legal advertisement, largely because it considered legal advertising Read more about The Beginning of Legal Advertising – Bates v. State Bar of Arizona[…]